A Risk Perception Model to Promote Smoking Cessation among Adult Current Smokers: Application of Community-Based Smoking Cessation Intervention

Mar 11, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
700-828 W. 10 Ave., VGH Research Pavilion
Iraj Pourselami, Jenny Ip, Liping Liang & Marcus Woo

The purpose of this research is to assess the acceptance and efficacy of culturally sensitive educational materials combined with enrollment in a culturally and linguistically appropriate smoking cessation program to be delivered to Mandarin, Cantonese and English-speaking current smokers within the Metro Vancouver community. The intervention will address both short-term challenges of quitting smoking and long-term challenge of preventing relapse. The aim is to help smokers to change their behavior to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms while quitting/cutting down, as well as suggest practical ways to manage their cravings and mood.