Dr. Craig Mitton recipient of a Faculty of Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award

C2E2's Dr. Craig Mitton received his Faculty of Medicine Award for Service to the University and Community

Hip Fracture publication by C2E2 Researchers is available as an Audio-Visual Presentation

Risk of Another Hip Fracture Persists for Years after Initial Injury

Paediatric palliative care offers value beyond comfort for families

Caring for a child with a life-threatening condition is an experience that no parent should go through alone. Paediatric palliative care programs (PPCPs) provide a holistic approach to such care and allow for entire families to stay together with their sick child without having to worry about limited visiting hours, or costs for accommodations or meals.

Mar 16 Andrew Pleasant to present "Health Literacy as a Powerful Tool to Prevent Chronic Disease"

We are delighted that Andrew Pleasant will be presenting his work on Monday, March 16th from noon to 1 pm at the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre in Room 9299.

Simple audio-conferences potentially bridge wide gaps in patient care

Although family physicians (FPs) and home health staff (HHS) understand the value of coordinating care to improve the health of their shared patients, they continue to face major obstacles such as difficulty achieving timely communication to clarify medical orders, and limited opportunities to develop common care plans for patients with complex needs.

Mohsen Sadatsafavi to speak at Heart and lung Fest 2015

C2E2's Mohsen Sadatsafavi will present at this year's UBC Annual Heart and Lung Fest on "Health economics appraisal – Making money work for you in heart + lung disease".