Low adherence to controller medications and the preventable burden of asthma

Low adherence to controller therapies is an important contributor to the fact that asthma remains uncontrolled in a large proportion of patients—despite the fact that for most patients, effective and inexpensive controller therapies are readily available.

Steve Kanters and Logan Trenaman
C2E2 Students receive CIHR Doctoral Awards

Steve Kanters (left) has received a CIHR Doctoral Research Award under the Drug Safety and Effectiveness priority announcement and Logan Trenaman was given a Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award (CGS-D), also through CIHR.

C2E2 will be the hub for national health economics research program in chronic respiratory diseases

C2E2 scientist Dr. Mohsen Sadatsafavi is chosen as the leader of the Health Economics Platform of the recently-established Canadian Respiratory Research Network (CRRN).



Within all clinical areas there is a need for economic evaluation to determine the value of new and existing interventions, technologies and devices.

This need is driven by the issue of scarcity — the fundamental analytic consideration underlying the discipline of economics — and, more specifically, limited healthcare resources. In health economics, an important focus of outcomes research concerns ‘generic’ measurement of quality of life, an approach to quantifying health outcomes in a way that allows comparisons to be made across clinical areas.

Evaluating Canada’s 48-hour hip surgery benchmark, comparing patient outcomes after different surgery wait-times

Comparing patient outcomes after different surgery wait-times.

A new Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)-funded study will identify if patients benefited from having hip fracture surgery within 48-hours of admission, the national benchmark adopted by Canada’s health ministers in 2005. The study, led by VCHRI researchers Dr. Boris Sobolev and Dr. Pierre Guy, seeks to provide evidence for the changes in hospital care that are required to prioritize access to the procedure.

Low health literacy tied to high morbidity and mortality rates

Dr. Iraj Poureslami, VCHRI researcher and associate member of the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation

Rethinking the future of health care in Canada

A new book, Health Care Federalism in Canada, provides an up-to-date analysis of the current health care policy. From the book's review: "Now that Ottawa has left health care to the provinces, what is the future for Canadian health care in a decentralized federal context? 

New website a key resource for creating quality research

The Centre for Clinical Epidemiology (C2E2) – one of the major research centres under Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) – officially launches its revamped website in January 2014. The new site offers better communication with the larger research community and highlights C2E2’s dedication to research, training, and knowledge translation that delivers the most effective health care to British Columbians.