Better understanding of human behaviour could save health care billions

A stunning per cent of health care spending in Canada may be wasted on services that are either ineffective or harmful.  That’s the conclusion of many health care analysts. The solution?  A better understanding of human psychology. This unique approach is at the core of the upcoming annual public lecture at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation (C2E2). The feature speaker is Steven Lewis, a health policy analyst and consultant. 

Studentship opportunities for prospective PhD students

Studentships available for PhD studies at UBC! The studentships will support health services research in hip fracture care. More info:

Katie Sheehan
Patient and System Factors of Time to Surgery After Hip Fracture: A Scoping Review

Katie J Sheehan, Boris Sobolev, Yuri F Villán Villán, Pierre Guy

BMJ Open 2017;7:e016939. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-016939

C2E2 Annual Lecture 2017 Guest Speaker: Steven Lewis

Abandoning Illusions, Confronting Biases: What Behavioural Economics Tells Us About Strategies to Improve Health Care

Allan Best

My interest in better understanding what works for who and why stretches back to dissertation work … uhh, 50 years ago. At the time, as a PhD student in clinical psychology, the interest was in individual therapy – different kinds of therapy work better for different people and different problems. These days, the focus is on health system improvement – how do we make transformative change in complex health systems?

Asif Khowaja, PhD candidate and trainee at C2E2 has received VCHRI Rising Star Award 2017

Asif Khowaja, PhD candidate and trainee at our center has received Rising Star Award for 2017 from Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI). This award recognizes Asif’s research accomplishments and outstanding contributions to the scientific community. We congratulate his academic mentors and family members for this achievement.


Professor Boris Sobolev

A health services researcher and Professor at the School of Population and Public Health, the University of British Columbia focuses on access, delivery and outcomes of care delivery.

Research interest 1: Hip Fracture