C2E2 Annual Lecture

Annual Lectures 2012-2019

Recordings of presentations are available on our YouTube channel, links provided below.

2019 - Jean-Louis Denis "20 Years of Health Reforms in Canada: The Experience of Seven Provinces" <News Article><YouTube>

2018 - Courtney Howard "A Healthy Response to Climate Change" <News Article><YouTube>

2017 - Steven Lewis "Abandoning Illusions, Confronting Biases: What Behavioural Economics Tells Us About Strategies to Improve Health Care" <News Article><YouTube>

2016 - Professor Timothy Caulfield "A Losing Battle?  Health Science in the Age of Celebrity" <YouTube>

2015 - Dr. Deborah Cook "A Tale of Knowledge Translation in the ICU"

2014 - Dr. Robert Reid "Moving Towards the Learning Health Care System" <News Article><YouTube>

2013 - Dr. Andreas Laupacis "Engaging Patients & Citizens in Research and Health Care Decision Making" <YouTube>

2012 - Cam Donaldson "Saving Publicly Funded Health Care" <YouTube>