A Systematic Realist Review and Evidence Synthesis of the Role of Government Policy in Coordinating Large System Transformation

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health has a mandate to coordinate a considerable transformation of the provincial health system. In support of that mandate, the Ministry has undertaken four significant initiatives in the areas of Patient and Family Centred Care, Primary Health Care Improvement, Lean for healthcare, and the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative. The latter three are viewed as supporting the goals and objectives of the Patient and Family Centred Care initiative. However, to date, each initiative has been substantially isolated from the others, which has limited the application of lessons learned from one area to another, as well as the leveraging of resources toward common goals and objectives.

The purpose of this project was to conduct a systematic realist review and synthesis. In order to maximize the utility of this report, its focus is on evidence extracted from both the published literature and current practice regarding Large System Transformation generally.

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