C2E2 Annual Lecture - video and photos now available


Our speaker for the C2E2 Annual Lecture was Dr. Robert Reid, Group Health Medical Director, Research Translation.The title of his presentation was  “Moving Towards the Learning Health Care System: Integrating research into practice and policy”. Photographs of the lecture are at this link on Flickr.

Heather Davidson, Assistant Deputy Minister at BC Ministry of Health kindly provided the opening remarks for the lecture, and her slides are available here.

Videos of all our Annual Lectures are available at this YouTube link

The “Learning Healthcare System” is posited as a strategy to rapidly improve quality of care, health outcomes, and reduce costs.   The LHCS leverages advanced information technology to continuously collect data, apply evidence in real time, and perform rapid-cycle evaluation and improvement cycles. Dr. Reid will discuss the role of research in the LHCS and ways to embed research in healthcare operations.

Dr. Reid is based at Group Health, one of the highest performing health care systems in the US, where his work centres on bringing research evidence to practice and policy.  He is able to draw on a wealth of experience and has a very impressive track record in health services research and policy.  He will, I’m sure, deliver an outstanding lecture, with some very important lessons for us all as we work to ensure that our research combines both relevance (to patients, practitioners and decision makers) and scientific rigour.