C2E2 Annual Lecture 2016 Guest Speaker: Professor Timothy Caulfield

A Losing Battle?  Health Science in the Age of Celebrity

There is a ridiculous amount of science-free health and wellness advice floating around in popular culture.  And much of this information is conflicting, misleading or just plain crazy. In this provocative presentation Professor Caulfield will explore why and how health information gets so twisted, including the increasingly important role of celebrity culture.  He will also review why this matters (and it does!) and how it impacts our health and health policy.

Join us for the 2016 C2E2 Annual Lecture - this lecture will provide important perspectives on understanding how to deal with the myriad of misinformation and will be of interest to health care providers, decision makers, patients and members of the public.


A photographer will be on-site taking photographs for the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation (C2E2), Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) and Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). These photos may be used by C2E2, VCHRI, VCH and/or applicable stakeholders for communication purposes.