Corinne Hohl

Dr. Corinne Hohl is an Associate Professor in UBC’s Department of Emergency Medicine, an Attending Physician in the Emergency Department at Vancouver General Hospital and a Scientist at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation. Her main research interests are in emergency medicine, drug safety and effectiveness and adverse drug event surveillance. Dr. Hohl's research program aims to improve the safety of patients using prescribed medications by building better systems and enhancing research capacity.

Her currently-funded projects are:

Adverse Drug Events: In 2015, Dr. Hohl’s research team received a grant fund through the CIHR eHealth Innovation and Partnership Program (eHIPP) to build the an adverse drug event (ADE) reporting platform (actionADE), and pilot its integration into an electronic medical record. In 2016, Dr. Hohl received a five-year Foundation grant to continue her work. In 2018, Dr. Hohl was awarded a business case development grant though CIHR’s Rewarding Success opportunity to plan the implementation of ActionADE in hospitals in the Lower Mainland, evaluate its effectiveness, and if proven effective, scale this project province-wide.

Repeat and Preventable ADEs: Dr. Hohl and her research team are also funded by the Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network (DSEN) to answer a Health Canada query regarding the preventability of and contributing factors for ADEs. After linking these data to administrative records, the team plans to conduct further investigations identifying the proportion of preventable ADEs that are repeat events and the effect of preventable and repeat ADEs on patient and health services utilization outcomes.

Risk Factors for Opioid Addiction: Dr. Hohl and her team have just begun a systematic review investigating risk factors for addiction among patients prescribed opioid medications with the aim of creating and validating a clinical decision rule to flag these patients for other (non-opioid) treatments. In collaboration with Drs Purssell, Moe and Godwin, Dr. Hohl was also awarded CIHR funds to conduct a systematic review on naloxone interventions for opioid overdoses.

Recent and/or pertinent publications: