Where are They Now? C2E2 Alumni Basia Rogula tells her story

Basia Rogula completed a Master of Science in Statistics at UBC in 2016 and is currently a Senior Statistician at Broadstreet Health Economics and Outcomes Research. At Broadstreet, Basia aids in designing and conducting observational studies, and has had the opportunity to work on studies in a variety of fields of medicine including oncology, urology, and dermatology.  

Primarily conducting pharmacoepidemiologic research, Basia uses diverse statistical methods to assess treatment effectiveness and safety. The methods used are tailored to address the particular research objective at hand, and include Markov chain Monte Carto simulations for network meta analyses, generalized linear models for modelling health and resource use outcomes, and parametric and nonparametric methods of survival analysis.

Basia recently developed a method for the reconstruction of individual patient data (IPD) from Kaplan-Meier (KM) survival curves, which she presented at the last North American meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making. While individual patient data are often needed for an indirect treatment comparison, sometimes only aggregate data in the form of KM curves are available. This novel method incorporates censoring points exactly as they are marked on the KM curve, allowing researchers to reconstruct IPD from KM curves more closely. The conference abstract can be found here.

Basia initially joined C2E2 as a statistics co-op student within the School of Population and Public Health under the supervision of Prof. Boris Sobolev. While at C2E2, Basia performed in-depth statistical analyses for a number of studies primarily involving analyzing waiting times for coronary artery bypass grafting in BC.

More information about Basia’s research and publications may be found at: