Where Are They Now? C2E2 Alumni Trina Stephens tells her Story

Dr. Trina Stephens completed a Master of Science in Experimental Medicine from the University of British Columbia in 2014. Upon graduating, she joined C2E2 as Project Coordinator for the Canadian Collaborative Study of Hip Fractures. Under the supervision of Dr. Boris Sobolev and Dr. Pierre Guy, she gained experience in health services research, and comparative effectiveness research, using Canadian administrative health data repositories.
During her Medical Degree at Queen’s University, Trina contributed to health economics research examining the socioeconomic impact of orthopaedic trauma in Uganda under the supervision of Dr. Peter O’Brien. In addition, she continued to use administrative data to answer big-picture questions about Canadian health services utilization under the supervision of Dr. Jason Beyea.
Trina is currently an Orthopaedic Surgery resident at the University of British Columbia. Her primary research interests focus on interventions/outcomes of hand and upper extremity pathology. She credits her time at C2E2 as being instrumental to the development of collaboration and knowledge translation skills that continue to influence her approach to research.  

Relevant Publications:

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